A Vacation Day on the Lake

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We really did luck out on the weather for our vacation week, and on Friday, we finally made it over the cottage for the day, and had a lovely dinner with friends. Going for a putter on the water, on such a beautiful day was a must(after a wee bit of raking the beach and what not) The pictures show a little of the lake. Doug the pug, as you can see, quite enjoyed himself on the beach, and was content to snooze on the boat ride. Other than snapping pictures, I kept my phone down to just enjoy the scenery, the blue sky, the clouds. I did take a turn at piloting the boat, and I managed to dock it. (Yes I have my operators card) However, I could use a refresher, how to tell if you are going upstream or downstream? Really? Bigger lake to smaller lake? The water doesn’t look like it is moving?