Gardening Therapy Continued June 21st, 2013

Impatients in a barrel
Sometimes, we need help from the local greenhouse

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Garden is coming along nicely! My hostas are growing, my day lilies are coming, holly is very green. I was fortunate enough to be given a gift certificate to our local Canadian Tire Store, and my friend Ali helped me pick out some annuals to fill in the gaps in my (our) garden. Impatients and..darn, I need my flower dictionary again! Water is not an issue, the big man upstairs is sending that in bountiful supply, which I believe my long stem roses (thanks to the original gardener here Beth) are quite enjoying. My partner is also an active participant in my gardening therapy by watering for me, when I forget, or reminding me to.  Another friend with a green thumb reminded me I needed to deadhead the flowers, so that the plant does not waste energy trying to save the dying bloom. Who knew?? This garden is a slow work in progress, I hope to add more perennials over time. My sister, I know, has lots of those, but then she lives down in the southern part of Ontario where the season is at least 3 weeks longer at the start, and another 3 at the end. Bugs- they get on the flower and want to eat them. Now I don’t want to start using chemicals to keep them away, so my next venture will be to see if there are natural remedies I can use. All suggestions, gratefully accepted.


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