Vacation June 18, 2013

red and white lighthouse on a rock
What lake is this on?

Nothing says you are on vacation like going for a boat ride. The weather was perfect, sunny, breezy enough to keep the bugs down, and not so hot you couldn’t sit in the sun.

The boat motor required some repairs, don’t ask me what, something to do with the lower unit, and going in reverse.  In any case, it worked great today.

We are vacationing at home.  Bit of a challenge, but we get the chance to do everything at a leisurely pace that we want to do, and we don’t have to go to work everyday.  Chris’ family cottage is 3km or so away.  I know.

I took the picture with my Blackberry Playbook.  What do you think?

Tomorrow night is bike night, Thursday night a meeting, Friday dinner at the neighbour’s cottage. Saturday memorial service and a graduation and Sunday a ride.  Good thing we didn’t have to work or we would be worn out!!  I do like the lack of work stress.  Don’t miss that one bit.  Probably an age related thing.  Also need to go for a car ride.  Tomorrow is Wednesday, so do you think I will sleep in??  I do that very well, when I need to go to work!