A Little of Everthing

A Little of Everything
“God made it just for beauty’s sake.
This lovely world of pond and lake
Rock-ribbed and lonely as a tomb:
And yet He made tall lilies bloom
In little crevices and fills.
Along the summit of the hills.

He set a row of fragrant pine
To turn the summer air to wine.
Where tired city folk could find
A blessed peace of heart and mind.
And breathe into their bodies core,
A balsam scented wind off shore.

He made a lake of turquoise blue,
Set rocky islands down into
The crystal waters cool and deep.
And gave to me a world to keep
Of tamarack and stately birch.
Like tall white pillars in a church.

Above this land the skies are clear,
And in the evening you can hear
The whirr of mallards in their flight,
Winging across the summer night,
Where purple shadows blend and blur
Into the green of ash and fur

Where Nature wears a royal cloak,
To charm the hearts of common folk”

I found this poem, when searching for a picture, it says so well what Muskoka is.