Father’s Day

Hmm, taken 1985?
Hmm, taken 1985?

My dad had  never been ice fishing, so my late husband Gord and he decided they would go.  Dad was over the moon.  This was after my dad retired, so I think he was 70ish?  There was no hut, or fancy snow mobiles to take them out, but dad was good to go.  Gord had some “special rigs” that they set up around a few holes -on Lake Muskoka – somewhere, cant ever tell,  manual ice auger of course.  I have a great picture of dad holding up a huge fish, with a big grin on his face, that I will always cherish.  I have been rooting around, trying to find it, but no luck.  I did find this one, it has taken me 3 hours to find the albums, cut out the pictures, find my media card, insert it into adapter, scan the photo on the copier, couldn’t find it on the phone – where the media card went back to, so emailed it to myself. Then fought with the program that I wanted to use to edit it.  Dad would be proud!! lol..  I am ready for a beverage, the sun but I do have two more pictures to share…

kids in pool w dad
Fun times in the backyard!!

I know my son and daughter still feel the loss of their dad tremendously. 10 years.  A blink, and yet not.  They were 14 and 16 when he passed.  I know he would be proud of them.  Allan is a free spirit – a lot like his dad in many ways, and if I look at a picture of his dad, they are so much alike.  Amanda also has his creative talents, one of which was taking pictures, and I have many wonderful pictures of the kids growing up. My parents moved to our town after they retired.  So my kids also have some fun “Grandpa” memories …the time when they babysat for a week, while Gord and I went on a trip??

Kids with dog sitting in the front yard
Kids with Colby, a special family member

My wonderful partner Chris, is spending the day with his two grown daughters. I know they also have some fun memories.  Shopping? A movie? Dinner?? Spending some quality time together is all that matters.

I always felt my dad loved me, I still carry that with me.  He encouraged me, supported my decisions whatever they might be.  He shared his love of reading, ( I am a book-a-holic), he came to my track and field events whenever he could, did not teach me how to drive (probably a good thing).  My dad was 42 when I was born.  He fought in WWII, and was a very proud Canadian.  I am the youngest of 5 – by eight years, so most of my memories of my dad are different than those of my brothers and sisters.  He was a very proud grandfather, and showed love and patience to my children.  He came from an era that lived amazing lives, so full, so rich.  He loved my mom, and they always came first for each other, their marriage was a journey, but they made it work, show that it was meant to last no matter what.  He had a lot of patience with my hearing loss, but never considered that it was a disability that would hold me back from achieving my goals.  I just had to figure out what those goals were?  I remember when I was a Junior Ranger – a great government program, gone by the wayside – when I came back at the end of the summer, he didn’t recognize me -his little girl grew up, and he made me feel so wonderful that I had been so independent, and gone so far away – White River.  I had cut off my long hair – never did get it that long again.  No wonder he couldn’t figure out who I was!!