June 1st – the grass is green, green, green.

I cannot believe how green it is out. The “foliage” as my mother would say, is abundant. I haven’t made it to the flower store, to purchase some perennials for the garden since we have had frost warnings in the last week. But now we have had so much rain, and it is hitting 30C, so we are living in a rich fertile growing world. More sunshine is required.
While my partner is off riding in a Highway of Heroes Ride today with fellow bike club members, I will be taking the time to putter about the house. Hard to believe that I would cherish the idea!! I know! He had to get up super early to get on the road, and now hear I am, posting, instead of going back to bed. Figures.
I had an appointment with a foot specialist last week, to see if an orthotic would help even out my gait. So he looked at my feet, had me walk back and forth etc, and although I have a high arch, which would benefit from having an orthotic for my shoes, he also suggested some physio to strengthen the right leg and muscles in my hip which have atrophied due to MS. I can’t believe how my right calf muscle has just evaporated. So back to the doc I go, to get a prescription for some physio, which thankfully is covered I believe by my health plan. Breathe deep. More of a mental blow than a physical one.

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