May 18, 2013 -May 24 Long Weekend Muskoka

Single pink Trillium

The weather is optimal.  Sitting in the gazebo in the back yard.  Puttered a bit, listening to tunes, bit of house cleaning.  We have some lovely trillium patches in the rear and side yard.  The one with this post is pink, with a number of white ones surrounding it.

Now it also happens to be an anniversary -uhuh, May 18, 1985. It was a beautiful day then, and it is a  beautiful day today. Have a glass of your favourite beverage to toast the memories!!

I do count my blessings, and am very fortunate to be able to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me here at Tuck with Chris.  The tunes on the radio are traditional MAY 24 tunes(  I think some kids think it means a two four of beer rather than the celebration of the Queen’s Birthday) that we all grew up with, and our kids probably know by heart.  We can hear the boats on the water from here.  Friends drop by, go for a drive, out for dinner and quiet moments.  Enjoy every minute.