Where does the time go?

How does it happen? If we are supposed to slow down and live each moment, where do they all go? I posted a picture of our front garden, the first blooms that came out.  I am slowly trying to build on the perennials that came to the garden before my time.  It is a bit of a challenge.  I am currently noticing an abundance of grass.  Plus, stuff that I supposedly weeded out, and tossed to the side -is sprouting, and um, maybe should not have been tossed at all.  Definitely need the little green fence border that you can get.  Or something that will prevent my rather blind pug from aimlessly roaming into the garden and having a nap in the sun.

Still do not have this blog looking the way I want.  Frustrating.  I should have left well enough alone.   Tomorrow is another day.