Sunshine in Muskoka!! and ….it is gone…

Okay, it’s Saturday – my sweetie is working, so I have stuff I gotta do.  Vacuum, and taxes, those are my goals.  Took some meds to see if I can shake my headache of now day 3.  Almost finished my first bottle of water – sadly one of the lovely gifts of MS is the distance between the brain and the bowels and the not getting the message there that it is time to go, or the muscles don’t want to work.  What ever.  I am not eating any more solid foods until a significant event occurs.  Maybe the vacuuming will help.  That’s all I got.  Brain is kinda numb.  Later.

Later – 3 bottles of water, vacuuming done, took the carpet out….moved pictures…and done.

Sunday – sun gone, urggh.  Did my taxes, not going there either.  Seriously, you have to be rich in order to live at all.  Think I will munch and read a new mystery, loved reading Brian Freeman, but no more books available at the library so trying Kennett – little different, The Burning Rose – a different writing style than I am used to.  Not a bad thing…just different.  Havent found a yoga class yet.  Maybe will look for a dvd can do at home??

Have an awesome day!