An amendment to October 17th, it came first, but I dont know how it got there.

So, after almost a year of being on copaxone, I went for a checkup with my neuro.  My MS is currently stable.  Good to know. I am quite pleased to say the least.l   I still have some improvements to general health to make though.  I need to eat better, exercise more regularly, and maintain a more positive outlook.  This I know, can be said for alot of people!!  Still going with the Vitamin D, Bs and that other one, Glucosamine?? Still doing research though, lots of information about stem cell transplants.  Positives?  Meeting alot of amazing people that have a strong focus and a willingness to share information on how to improve.  The saying I hear the most is” I have MS but MS does not have me”.  Still working on that one. But i have lots of time!!