At the cottage! August 8th or so….

It is truly a treat to be able to enjoy a cottage. I appreciate every single minute, and am very thankful.  I think one of the most valuable lessons I learned from losing my husband to cancer 8 years ago, was to live each day, and to think positive thoughts as much as possible.  One day at a time.  It really helps me deal with my ms.  Of course My sweetie Chris and my children are also big helps.  I am still gaining an understanding of what my ms, is all about, and some days, I choose not to think about it at all, and other days, it is always in the back of my mind.

So, back to the cottage.  We arrived on Sunday, with my sister and her two dogs and Doug.  Of course, transporting food and clothing and getting the boat in the water, is the first step.  Chris has done it so many times, I am sure he could do it with his eyes closed, well, almost. lol.  Simple dinner, and off to bed, or something like that.  I need a reminder.

Monday, was lovely, Weather was nice and sunny, so we went touring on the boat, read in the sun, watched Doug dig his way to china on shore and did some raking etc. Did some swimming.

Sister Barb is enjoying the tour!

Owen and Amanda came over for dinner, and we went for a fish. 

Tuesday – Barb had to head back home, and of course, it was raining, so we did the transport, and then went to Town, MarineStore etc, and made it back for 3, the sky cleared and we went fishing!  and I caught a fish!!

Today, Wednesday, is a mixed bag, it is a look at the weather, and if it is sunny, well then get out and do something!  Otherwise, it is bike night tonight, so would be nice to go, and see everyone..