July 23rd, 2011

Going through the mud!

Well, kinda boring, if nobody comments on your posts huh?  Hellooooo!!

This weekend was a writeoff.  Migraine started Friday, but thankfully is finally lifting. I wondered a bit about optic neuritis, but I think, is probably migraine, as there are other symptoms that are required in order for that diagnosis. Probably weather pressure, humidity and ms all combined, but I am going to doc, to get better drugs to deal with it, when it happens.  Are we having any fun lately?  Chris and I did go 4 wheelin last weekend, and have a couple of good pics from that, we also went out on the boat again on Kahshe, which I will do anytime. 

The extreme heat and humidity didnt do much for me, so evenings this week, were pretty boring.  Other than a lovely dinner, with friends, which we hope to do again soon!!