I made it through today

Honestly it was a struggle, this morning slept in because I forgot to wear my Fitbit to bed last night. Some people forget to set their clock alarm or remind Alexa to wake you up with a song. My alarm clock is one that vibrates on my wrist. Thank you to Fitbit – a boon for those who can’t hear an alarm.

I did some of that mindfulness chatter in my head , positive re-in forcement of how wonderful I am, that I know what I am doing and everyone else feels the same.

Then I took a five minute walk outside – using the cane really does make a difference – just keeps me on the straight and narrow lol.

That’s all I got

View looking out on  Muskoka Wharf  docks boats and the RMS Segwun

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  1. Some days just getting from morning to evening is something to celebrate. So kudos! May tomorrow be better and the next day even more. Stay safe.


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