The family is from Oaxaca area, generations upon generations have created these hanging works of art, carpets , placemats- all things woven. They raise their own sheep, use colours created from natural plants and um …bugs. Not Nastey bugs. I mean we have worms right ? And what colour do they produce ? That is another story lol.

Xavier Vicente is the current master of sales in downtown Beucerias at . My friend was on a tour of Mexico in the area of …OAXACA and saw first hand everything being woven.

The children learn with coasters, leading to weave in the old ways, an art form in itself.

Woven tapestry art has long adorned the walls of many homes in many lands. The patterns have a story of their own. The “Tree of Life” “The Eye of God” part of their indigenous path .

I am probably doing a poor job of describing the richness of the culture or the beauty I found in their work. I didn’t go for our morning walk with the intent of purchasing anything, and if I did I thought silver, but I liked the story behind the workmanship, it spoke to me….

A better description of the community and the art behind it is found

So we will see how it looks when I get home? Will it fit it? Or will my daughter cringe and say to herself “oh my gawd, how do I lie about this”? Lol

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