MS and brain muscle memory

So, I haven’t been out for dinner during the week, since, I don’t know when….A good friend invited me over tonight, so after leaving work I came out of the parking lot and turned right….and I should have gone left…..but that was okay, because if I kept driving straight, I would come to the highway, and be able to go South again, but since I was going Noth, I thought I was going to Bacebridge, so I did…go to Bracebridge, and then came across the bridge and went South…whew….got to the correct road, turned right and went right by her house, because there isn’t any snow on the ground now!   At least that is what I told myself!

I made it, success, a lovely evening, and home I go, except, well, this is really bad….I went back to the office…..:)

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