April ? Bring ?

It’s always disappointing when there is still snow on the ground on April 1st. Normally I don’t like to travel far when it is a rainy-snowy-who knows what temperature it will be? weekend but I had booked myself to Grimsby to see the family, friends, new pets and cousin so off I went!

It is so sweet to see how Drew and Amanda’s home is coming along and we headed off to the Niagara Home and Garden show with Ellen, Mike, Amy and baby Emma.

Followed by a lovely lunch at Jordon House and a relaxing family evening.

More snow for the drive home – honestly!

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Living life with a chronic illness is definitely not easy. But I do my best to push through all the barriers this illness puts in front of me! In my heart and mind, I believe maintaining a positive outlook on all situations in life will carry us through to much better times! I hope you find the information that I provide both helpful and inspirational!

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