Bang up in our driveway

So today is day 3 of a headache. Those who get migraines know that it can make your peripheral vision off.

I had an accident in my driveway today.

Chris moved a trailer on the outside of his truck on the left to beside me on the outside or far right.

I remember him doing that Monday night I thought, I stayed home tues and I think I remember him turning my car around so I could drive the car straight out yesterday.

Today I had to back out.

I forgot and did not see the grey trailer on this grey day and my right front bumper hit the side of the trailer with a good wack.

Now you have to remember that I am pretty much deaf.

So I heard a bang but could not figure where it was coming from.

I did apologize profusely, and gave him big hug and say I was sorry again when I got home…..

Then I saw the trailer, I had cracked the grey wheel fender and bent it, the man says he has to check the axle- meanwhile I popped out right front light on the car.

I kinda put the car back together this morning enough to make it to work.

When I said it was “kinda like LEGO” tonight while he was putting it back together in a far more secure way- he said – ” it’s a bit more complicated than LEGO “.

He didn’t really remember that I tend to giggle during times of major drama, heightened emotions – in appropriate response is an MS thing….so when I was telling Amanda what happened I giggled…

So fortunately the sun came out.

How was your day?