Daytona 2018


Going to Daytona is more than just about Bike Week.  Our friends Kim and Steve look after our dog Peanut for us while we are away  so she has a holiday too!  Big thank you to you guys, it helps make the trip knowing our little girl is well cared for and loved.  The slide show is a snapshot of our trip.

Crossing the border was quick – maybe 10 minutes?  Even though we had an extra passenger and new friend Judy – it went like clockwork.  The drive down was un-eventful, note the picture of   snow on the hill with the cow –  I guess I figured the snow would be gone that far south….we made it to our favourite home away from home – The Sandcastle Motel in South Daytona Shores in time for well wishes to our friend Gord on his 71st birthday.  The owners Vic and Lonnie are wonderful hosts and great friends.  It is a mini community of annual sun travellers from Canada – like Allistair and Carol, Craig to name a few, and American friends – Ed and Paola, Jeff, that we visit with through the morning, at the pool or in the evening.

We rode with our friends that we see when we are at the Sand Castle, Gord and Sandy, Linda and Joe, Jim and Karen, we made new friends- Jennifer , we keep the memories alive of Les – who we will always keep in our hearts, we sun bathed (well I did), we laughed, we rode to favourite Restaurants and I try to take pictures of their signs so I remember where they are for the next trip – we went to an annual BBQ of friends who live in the farm country – his garage is a perfect combination of workshop and outdoor social area – otherwise known as a bar lol, big pond, corn hole game, and toys to ride around on – always a good time!

We had a surprise visit from Steve Small – who was on his way back to Canada.  Next time we see him will hopefully be at Killbear!

We went to a flat track race at the Speedway which was really cool!  Every time I had a question Jeff was kind enough have the answer.

I think I’ve discovered that Italian wine is the most compatible with me..along with a mimosa, cocktails with extra dry gin, a black russian is still a good way to warm up in a cool evening after a ride….Linda made the most amazing pizza for the annual pizza dinner…I have to get that recipe….

Of course Chris had the opportunity to use his tools that he always takes with him – the tire on the bike trailer got worn through, and he had to check the bearing as well.  Fortunately the bearing was still in good shape and we replaced the tire for the trip home.

On the last day we went to Crabby Joe’s on the pier – 5 minute walk and saw dolphins in the ocean – such a treat and that day we also rode south to see the Manatee at the manatee observation deck at the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge.  We saw four of them, one of which was tagged – who knew you could track them?  Pretty cool!

If I’ve missed anything, I am sure Chris will fill in the blanks.  Big thank you Chris, for driving us down and back, a more patient man you will not find!