Summer Heat

When I was a teenager I could lie out in the sun slathered in oil and read a book for hours on end.  Now, the hours on end is still true, the heat, not so much.  

Dry heat with a cool breeze is lovely.  In the shade on a sunny day even better.  By the water-bonus, and to that end Chris bought a boat.  Now Chris likes just about anything with an engine in it, and I have learned much about them over the years, but I must say, he picked a gem of a boat that we can enjoy for many years.  This boat, while not brand new,  is new to us, and the previous owner took such good care of it, we can only continue to enjoy it and care for it in the same manner.  

MS and mobility can be challenging at times or most of the time, and I have a bruise or two from learning to get in and out in a reasonably ladylike manner, so scratch that and just do it lol.  It is totally worth it!