Chris hooking up!

Easter has always been a special time of year.  I was remarking to Chris that I remember a child my mom dressing me up in a special dress, hat and shoes for Easter Sunday Church.  It was a happy time.  We lived in Southern Ontario so typically we had lovely blossoms and birds and sunshine. 
It was a happy time with my own kids too.  Gord and I would get something outdoorsy for the kids to play with to wear off the chocolate from the Easter Bunny.  
Now the kids are grown up and since neither Chris’ girls or my kids have kids it’s a little different. 
Yesterday the sun was shining while we helped Cayti move.  I  was very impressed with how organized it was and seemed to flow quite well.  Many young hands make light work! 
Today I’m visiting Amanda for some mom and daughter time and will do an early morning breaky with big sister before heading back to Muskoka for time with Chris and Peanut. 
There is always lots to do at this time of year but when the sun is shining or you can feel the warmth starting to seep through your coat it makes it a lot more enjoyable.  I  also find it emotional -missing my parents, late sister, husband and brother in law, and as I was looking at pictures with Amanda I can feel the love all around me. 
Now she also included pics of Allan who as a baby was as cute as a buuton, and I hope he is enjoying his weekend out in BC as well. 
Backyard bonfires are just around the corner!  Okay…under 6 inches of snow still and soggy ground…a ride 8n the Miata then!