Trip to Arizona

It was a trip that had been waiting to happen.  My dear sister Mary passed away 20 years ago, and it has been on my bucket list to go see the spot that she loved so much.  Her husband and my eldest brother spread her ashes on a spot on the Supersition Mountains. My other older brother had made the trek. I had also been talking about this trip with my daughter for a few years and it was something we wanted to do together.  Not being a huge fan of Christmas stress, we decided to go over Christmas. So in June we booked it.

I loved it, I loved the sunshine, I loved the lack of stress over the holidays.  My daughter arranged a jeep tour at an authentic Ghost on Superstition Mountains near Apache Junction and our guide Smokey did an awesome job telling us all about the different types of cacti, saguaro cacti opening up a pear cactus  for us to taste and demonstrated the prickly dangerous cactus by plunging the barbs into his weather-beaten arm.  Scared the bejesus out of me!! Afterwards we carried on down Route 88 on a lovely twisty road that motorcycles would love, to a Restaurant in Tortilla Flat -Superstition Restaurant & Saloon population 6.  There were dollar bills pasted all over the walls and the seats around the bar were a horse saddle.

We also did a Jeep tour with the Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona.  Up, up and up some more along a trail that twisted back and forth up the side of a mountain until we reach a spot where we could climb to the top of a spot that is called the merry-go-round Mountain because of its shape and stone structure.  It was indescribably beautiful and awe-inspiring at the top.  Peaceful, majestic.

We stayed at the Phoenix Legacy Golf Resort, located only 15 minutes from the airport.  We rented a car, but chose not to get the GPS function as we both had plans on our phone.  Except, as we found out later, the data roaming was down. The 15 minute trip took an hour and half…..we did have one small papeR map but when you don’t know where you are or the address of where you are going, and it just shows as a green spot at the end of a street on the map ……we almost murdered each other.  Then we found a Wal-Mart to buy some food, so at least we could eat…and asked directions…oh it was only 5 minutes away….right ….another half hour later, and more directions, we had only to go to the other end of the street, turn left instead of right…..Lesson learned!!!

We ate, we drank, we went to the gym, we slept in and yakked, went to Butterfly world, yakked some more and enjoyed a lovely mother daughter experience that meant so much to me.  Cleared my head and put us in a good state to go forward into the year 2015 with a clear head and a full heart.




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