Woodpeckers out the window Jan 29th, 2014

I succumbed to feeling lousey today and stayed home. Flu? Sinisitis? Migraine?  Don’t know. MS? who knows. Everything hurt, and nothing was helping. Got up, had a shower, nope, not going to make it.  So, I drank gallons of water, napped, brought in some wood, and had a quiet day.

During which, a pair of woodpeckers graced the tree in the back yard out the bedroom window, and I tried to get a decent picture with my new camera.  Lovely they were.  Nice red hat.  I think I have seen them before.  It was warm enough today to get birds at the feeder.  Mr. or Mrs.Now the cat had a lovely time too, staring at them out the window as well.

By Sarah Lomas

I have my eyes wide open to catch all my dreams. MSWarrior! Widowed and then some, proud mom of two fantastic kids. Wear two hearing aids and primarily lip read. Always looking for new things to to try.