Long Weekend – Plan – to have no plans

It is the last day of August, puttering about, watching movies, washing dishes, random chores. There is lots on the to do list -but nothing that is pressingly immediate. Good news last week – MRI shows spine clear of lesions – and physiotherapist says I am stronger than I was. So both say whatever I am doing -keep doing it! Sounds good to me!!

The weather is a bit dripping , rain – which is always a good excuse for a movie or two, or Netflix – catch up on six seasons of Dexter while I do the dishes. My fella has a bonfire going in the back yard between sprinkles of rain – someone is taking down trees with a chainsaw – music coming out of the speakers hooked to outside – Doug the Pug is yelping at his favourite rock! We may get the top down on the Miata and toot over to Haliburton to visit friends if the sun comes out -or take out the boat for a ride in one of the lakes – one of the bonus’ of living where we do, there is a lake within 10 minute in any direction.

My older brother Thomas turns 60 this year.  No party though, he is off on his Harley to ride the roads to somewhere and if that is what he wants to do, then ride safe!!  Now I traded in my Vstar 650 for the Miata – which for the time being is just fine.  We were out on a Charity ride last weekend for a local Centre for Healing – from trauma – and I was able to ride two up – I had forgotten how much I enjoy being a passenger on a motorcyle – don’t get me wrong – there is nothing like cruising through a corner on a motorcycle – but I also enjoy being a passenger and the connection to the rider.  Plus I can take pictures!!!  I think I will have to get out my video camera again – and as much as I like my camera in my Blackberry…I wouldnt mind a regular camera – like I need another gaget!!  Cameras do not stick to me very well.  Maybe my cosmic angel is telling me I am not meant to take pictures?  Or that the coordination required to take a picture and be a passenger is not a good idea???  Did I mention I am not always so coordinated???

So what did I do all summer???  Excellent question.  Perhaps that it why I blog, so I can easily find the answer to that question??   Last weekend I had both my children and my sweetie all in  the same place together – for that I am thankful.  It was to celebrate the wedding of my nephew which naturally brought tears to my eyes as I had not seen him for a number of years, and he is so grown up!!  I wish he and his bride all the happiness that a couple can find to enjoy.

This morning my sweetie and I watched part of the Spy Kids 4 movie – I think more adults should watch it!!  Humour, fun, good message and totally entertaining!!

Alright!  off my butt!!  Oh wait, I have three more roses ready to bloom!!

A beautiful summer evening
A beautiful summer evening