I had a good day today!

My week was pretty good! Not sure why exactly, just was. Went for MRI on Weds. spine, had a nap. My sweetie and I had our 4th anniversary yesterday, and went out for a lovely dinner. Bike Night was busy and hot. Work was busy. There was some pain. Nuah. Mentally, I felt positive. Nothing phased me. I like that. Just a regular week. My sweetie was still on holidays and was busy doing his thing around the house, which is just about anything that needs doing, and somehow there is always a lot. I am thankful for what he does. There was a full moon, August is winding down, and the weather is cooler and dryer, which I love. The picture is from Music on the Barge- a Community event that happens every Sunday night through the summer with different bands. Free, donations from the community keep it going. The organizer Fred Schultz, is amazing a community icon himself.