Vacation Mode

picture of falls
Open the dam!
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Doug found his rock

Spring vacation was a lttle different. One day was sunny – then rain – then sun -then rain – then sun – I think you get the idea!! Monday was follow up MRI – will be interesting to see what the results are. Tuesday – fabulous breaky with my sweetie in the sunshine -awesome start to the day – took the Miata for a spin up the backroad to Bracebridge – went to resting site of my late husband -10 years- hit me way harder than I thought it would – Wednesday-ride around Lake Muskoka following the Frank Miller scenic route – the waters had receded somewhat at the north end of the lake – but Bracebridge still high – even today Saturday as I write this – same for Gravenhurst end of the Lake where the Segwun and Wenonah II are docked. Of course today it is raining -again – but not too hard, so hopefully it won’t have too much of an impact.
I am amazed this week how much energy I have!! I have been up every morning at 6 am – much to my partner’s dismay lol. I am trying to eat more gluten free food – and organic, non GMO at the same time. I also found an amazing smoothie – green’s plus – you can get it at your grocery store- it is made with whey – so still good – and of course other wonderful ingredients -all natural of course!! It does make me wonder though, that I have so much energy when not working -so can do stuff around the house that I would ordinarily be to tuckered out for. Balance is the key I know.