Saurday June 4th, 2011

Ahah, I have a new laptop to play with!!  I am still learing where all the buttons are!  Of course, sometimes, where I think they are supposed to be, has turned into somewhere completely different.  Yesterday, Chris and I had the priviledge of attending Amanda’s convocation from UOIT, where she graduated from the E Commerce Program.  I am so proud of her.  I dont think it has quite sunk in, what it all means, but she has a new journey to start on!

It was a good week, MS wise.  Energy level was pretty good.  Balance good.  Found out from neuro visit, that I have no new symptoms, but the pain in the side of my face, is neuralgia, which is what I thought it was.  Meds, available if it doesnt abate, but not planning to take those unless it doesnt.

By Sarah Lomas

I have my eyes wide open to catch all my dreams. MSWarrior! Widowed and then some, proud mom of two fantastic kids. Wear two hearing aids and primarily lip read. Always looking for new things to to try.