Saturday Morning – I have no clue

So, I got up this morning, and being Saturday, was full of the things I knew I should be doing.  But I have a headache, sooo, took an advil w sinus, cause I think it is partially allergies, and an allergy pill and coffee to wash it down.  Of course, the sun is not shining, which does not motivate me in the least, to do any of the things I said I was going to do.  Opened up the computer and went to facebook, blackberry etc. and started updating stuff.  I chatted with MS World chat guys, and started to feel human.  Also chatted with my sweetie, who is my best motivator in the world, but he is at work.  So, did manage to get up and do the dishes.  and now it is noon, and I am not much further ahead.  Did I mention I should walk the dog?  Fortunately he is a small dog, and doesnt require a lot of exercise, but I think that will be next on my list of things to do, before the laundry.  Yes, laundry, I am going to go do that at 2.  Provided I dont nap, and dont  get up on time :).


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Sarah Lomas

I have my eyes wide open to catch all my dreams

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