Ah! Such a view !

Such a view ! I had to open the door to capture the full affect of cold morning air to embrace the moment….

Coffee ?


Pig Roast Gxtrordiaire

One of our friends (we have a few) put on a wonderful day with friends and family. Heat and MS don’t go well together so packed the cooler with mini ice packs that I could slide in my pocket or anywhere else that needed cooling!

Met some wonderful people while Chris renewed friendships with high school chums from back in the day. Peanut was also very busy saying hello to everyone and making sure that all the crumbs were cleaned up!

I am a “book-a-holic” and chatted about favourite authors…have not read Kate Morton’s books yet, so thankful to have a new author to explore!

August Long Weekend

A wee hiccup with Chris and a maybe gallbladder issue Friday pm- Sat am – sticking close to home Sparrow Lake WI bake sale netted me a strawberry rhubarb pie, pumpkin pie and for Chris some butter tarts – yum!

Sunday was a beautiful day so headed out on Lake Muskoka to beat the heat!

Monday a.m beat the heat motorcycle ride and met new friends – staying on the back roads

Hey when I thought we were done we added one more little ride. Traffic was blocked southbound from town,so we went from town out Doe Lake Rd to Cooper’s Falls Rd down to just north of Washago and came northbound on 11-to home. I was going to wave to the slow cars going southbound but I am too polite 😜..Home in the backyard but not lighting a fire.

Bang up in our driveway

So today is day 3 of a headache. Those who get migraines know that it can make your peripheral vision off.

I had an accident in my driveway today.

Chris moved a trailer on the outside of his truck on the left to beside me on the outside or far right.

I remember him doing that Monday night I thought, I stayed home tues and I think I remember him turning my car around so I could drive the car straight out yesterday.

Today I had to back out.

I forgot and did not see the grey trailer on this grey day and my right front bumper hit the side of the trailer with a good wack.

Now you have to remember that I am pretty much deaf.

So I heard a bang but could not figure where it was coming from.

I did apologize profusely, and gave him big hug and say I was sorry again when I got home…..

Then I saw the trailer, I had cracked the grey wheel fender and bent it, the man says he has to check the axle- meanwhile I popped out right front light on the car.

I kinda put the car back together this morning enough to make it to work.

When I said it was “kinda like LEGO” tonight while he was putting it back together in a far more secure way- he said – ” it’s a bit more complicated than LEGO “.

He didn’t really remember that I tend to giggle during times of major drama, heightened emotions – in appropriate response is an MS thing….so when I was telling Amanda what happened I giggled…

So fortunately the sun came out.

How was your day?