December 2019

Hard to believe – the end of a decade – so looking forward to the next decade – what would I like to see ?

It’s taken most of the decade to figure out how to live with MS – so hopefully this decade I can do better – live better and get the most out of everyday.

Now if you have MS or a different immune disorder you know that every day is a crap shoot – first step – make sure your funny bone is working cause without it you’re f**d.

Currently my funny bone is a little brittle – but I have faith that I can make it more pliable 🙂

I am beyond excited and feel really amazed to be accepted into the Lions Foundation Hearing Guide Dog program – currently on the waiting list.

I have always had family or friends around me to help with the basics of living in a hearing world. Alarms to wake up, hearing a kettle whistle, timer on a stove, know when someone is speaking to me, someone walking up behind me, fire alarm, carbon monoxide alarm. Life safety and communication.

It is very challenging to explain to a hearing person the daily struggles and fatigue it causes when I can’t hear or alternatively can’t see you to hear. I primarily lip read and my hearing aids provide sound to go along with the shapes a persons mouth makes.

The opportunity to have a hearing guide dog to help me is such an emotional boost, you have no idea.

Years ago I would never have asked for accommodation for my hearing – it just wasn’t really done, plus I managed – but having MS fatigue and hearing fatigue together put my ability to have a decent quality of work life very challenging. It is still a work in progress.

I have worked at the same company for 15 years – and I had the opportunity to work in a different department for a couple of years-felt so much better ! But there were a number of hearing related issues along with physical issues that were absent – so it really does make a difference if your workplace will accommodate you and if they won’t – well we now have legislation to help out.


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