April 23, 2017 – 15 years Gordo – where did the time go?

I thought I would share a picture that Gord painted – he always loved photography and one year I asked him what he would like for either his birthday or Christmas and he said he’d like some paint brushes and paint – well low and behold he started painting and he had quite the talent for it! As you can see this is a typical picture of somewhere in Muskoka.

I know 15 years have passed – he would have been 65 this year and ready to retire- so raise a rye and ginger and tell me one of his jokes!

By Sarah Lomas

I have my eyes wide open to catch all my dreams. MSWarrior! Widowed and then some, proud mom of two fantastic kids. Wear two hearing aids and primarily lip read. Always looking for new things to to try.

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Hi Sarah. Cannot remember one of his jokes!! But he is well remembered!
Seems like his passing was yesterday!! Will have a toast to Gord tonight!!
Loved the painting!!

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