MS, Exercise, and how much?

So after a good report from my neurologist and generally feeling pretty good I thought I would go back to the gym and see if I can increase my exercise level.  It always makes me feel better mentally and in the lovely winter months we need all the feel better we can get.  So went twice last week doing a mild routine of walking on the treadmill, mini jogging, at timed intervals watching the heart rate alternated with elliptical for a twenty minute period over lunch hour all was good.  This week did two days in a row, missed yesterday but walked 5000 or so steps through the day and last night every nerve pain I’ve ever had jumped out and said hello, along with day two of a migraine.  Plus muscle spasms etc.  Now we had a pressure change, and it’s been super cold at night which we haven’t had for a while so maybe that contributed.  But I am puzzled.

Neurologist says MS doesn’t cause pain.  Uhuh.  So I what’s up?  A flare caused by my brain not knowing what is going on that will settle down as I keep going?



  1. Every person with MS is different and your Neurologist is a . . .! Ask Montel Williams if MS causes pain. Lots of people with MS experience pain. Ok I don’t but I know people who do. I use Zomig for migraines and I find a balance with exercise. Don’t do the same thing every day. Rest is crucial! Good luck.


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