January 7, 2017 Cold, MS and Mindfulness 

I think I would blog more if I used my laptop more instead of my tablet, so I’m trying to blog using the speech app on my tablet. Of course it could be a humourous post as the words it comes up with are a little different! 

It seems as though this time of year brings about migraines and cluster headaches due to weather pressure,air quality, different diet and who knows what,  and the cold and this is my body’s reaction to it.  

when at the barn fuck nuts come in oh my God.  I don’t know where that last sentence came from, it was SIRI!  

So where does the mindfulness come in?  Telling my body to get out of bed, to have breakfast; which Chris kindly made sausages and eggs and toast,  and then rather than heading back to bed, to wash the dishes and take the dog for a walk in the brisk minus whatever 16C weather so that I can put some more steps on my Fitbit. It kind a looks like a run-on sentence but that’s OK because I think I kind of talk in a run on sentence.

One of the things I got for Christmas from my darling daughter was a Fitbit.  I do find it a bonus for two of my main challenges; one being drinking water, and the other being to keep moving, it definitely has an impact, even at work as I get these little vibrating noises on my wrist telling me I need to move and giving me a little heads up when I need it. 

that’s writing that whatever. Space space paragraph 

So another goal overdue is to learn sign language.  I am after all considered to be deaf  within the various definitions and while I wear hearing aids I can hear sound,  I need to see your lips moving in order to tell what you’re saying especially if you mumble .  One of the things that I am able to keep on top of with my mindfulness course is the gratitude attitude which helps me put me to sleep.   Ie I think about all the things I am grateful for and also send out love and peace.  It may sound Barry but it works.  

So maybe now that I’m using the speech app in the blog I might post more.  There are definitely lots of other individuals with MS who are blogging  and it is interesting to see how we all adjust, to it cope with ,and learn to live with it the best we can .  Keeping an open mind , always willing to learn anything, staying active, eating healthy food, all go a long way to managing any Connick, LOL chronic illness.  Just remember to listen to your body and if you need a nap, then nap!

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