Falling into Fall

Two boats at wharfAlways a favourite time of year for me. Turkey, stuffing, gravy, colourful leaves.  Memories of good times with the kids when they were little.

Summer was different, being off for 5 weeks with sciatic pain was not fun.  Made my MS symptoms  feel like a walk in the park-having said that I guess my MS is fitting into my life a little more easily as the symptoms come and go and I don’t get freaked out about them.

It is wonderful to see that stem cell research is moving along – I do hope Canadians are able to access this treatment sooner rather than later.  That’s all I have for now.  Cheers!

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5 thoughts on “Falling into Fall

  1. It is always a pleasure to see your name and read your words. I hope you are feeling better now. Life is never boring with MS. We can only hope for the best.

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    1. Thanks Quaill, I am feeling better. Each day is a challenge but I’m up for it!


  2. wishing you stretching, massaging, relaxing
    as needed for calm, healing joyful moments 🙂


  3. Happy Thanksgiving Sarah and Family!!


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