Bitter Cold and MS

I had no idea how the extreme cold would affect my MS.  Then I did some reading on the MS Society of Canada Website.  The cold can do the same thing as getting over heated.  Who knew?  My fatigue went back off the charts, and my muscle spasms, nerve pain in my arms and legs went a little nuts ….fortunately, I had some meds available to help me out.  I don’t want to over medicate, but I don’t want to lie in bed 24/7.  I sleep enough hours as it is!

Last weekend was -34 C, and we are still sitting around -16 C during the day….so I need to stay smart and wear some long underwear  I think!  I go for a followup MRI the end of February, and I am hoping that again, it will show no new lesions.  It is always a worry when a symptom comes back, or your body feels a little different than it did before.  Is it MS or something else?

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  1. Living with MS is indeed a daily challenge but we are a resourceful group! A positive attitude and we can work through anything. I can hear the smile in your words and I know you are OK.


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