Vacation. Sit still or move about?

My partner’s parents share a lovely cottage on Kahshe Lake in Muskoka. We are hear for two weeks.  It is sweet to see Chris carrying on tasks at the cottage that his dad did.  We brought along our new family member – Peanut – at 5 and a bit months it is a joy to watch her play at the beach, chase dragonflies and bond with other vacationing dogs next door. 
I spent the first few days here just with Peanut and my daughter.  That was a treat all on its own.  Decompressed, read a little.   I don’t remember ever taking two weeks vacation in the summer.  It is hugely busy at work n tourist season, perhaps that is all the more reason to do it? 
The birds, the rumble of the boats, the peaceful sky in the evening.  It all adds up to positive therapy that will last the rest of the summer. 
I have been in swimming twice, the water is lovely.  I see people going by on surf boards standing up on them and paddling…hmm?  Could I do that?