It is a beautiful day in my neighbourhood!

After a woosy night, I took my time this morning, wasn’t quite sure if I would make it into work, but the kinks seemed to work their way out of my system, and away I went.

I do seriously wonder about the mental state of people other than myself on the roads right now.  Are we near a full moon?  It doesn’t seem to matter whether the cars are big or little or trucks or trucks with trailers they all want the whole road, any road and all of it.  Look out.  I think rather than getting a timmies in the morning, it should be a timmies and a drive though driving test.  Just the basics. Stop at a red light.  Signal before you turn.  Which side of the road you are supposed to drive on.  Maybe it is the texting or talking??  I am not sure.  It doesn’t seem to matter if I am driving in town, out of town, or on a rural road or a dirt path.  Male or female, young or old.  No pleases or thank youÈs either.  We are approaching the two busiest weeks of the summer, and frankly, I am a little frightened.  I haven’t even brought up boating.  I thought the cooler, dryer weather would have brought with it calmer, more temperate personalities. Nuh uh, not so far.

german shepard and pug in a boat
I think they are looking for fish?

Mind you, our community is suffering from stormitis, we had a storm, that wasn’t a tornado go through last Friday, and although not a tornado, or a hurricane, it brought down more trees, and caused more damage than anyone first believed.  We still have areas without power.  So, 7 days with no power would definitely make me grumpy.  I always thought going to the cottage was a no power, no running water experience anyway.  I think we all need to sit back, chill out, and savour the cool breezes.