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October 16th 2016 

Thanksgiving is followed by the Cranberry Festival in our part of the world and of course tied into the beauty of the fall colours.  This weekend my daughter brought her beau up to see the part of the province where she grew up, and Chris’ daughters came up for a visit.

My MS is slowly returning from a round of steroids, I gotta say it was amazing, I had energy, my brain was clear, and I felt – normal, I can understand now why some promote the use of a low steroid program for combating inflammation, it felt better than any combination of meds.   I still believe a diet of non inflammatory food is important, along with exercise, and a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle overall is key.  MS is so unique to each person, and while I am in the RRMS group, and we have some common elements, how it plays out in our daily living is different.

We were very fortunate to be able to purchase a boat this summer, and living where we do, it has enriched our lives – mine and my partner Chris’ to be able to enjoy our lakes.  I am sharing some pictures of our travels.

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Lighthouse at the Kee October 17th, 2015

imageHad a blast!!  It was totally a last minute idea.  The Kee to Bala is traditionally a summer concert venue, The Cranberry Festival is a tradition that is always held the weekend after Thanksgiving.  So, what the heck, checked with my sweetie to see if he wanted to go, bought the tickets on line – I’m so clever I know!!!  The weather had been cold and sunny through the day -well, a little bit of snow, but not enough to stay, so I dressed warmly, turtle neck, layers, warm socks, as I didn’t know how warm the Kee would be as it is basically a barnboard building with not a lot of insulation -probably none, anywhere, and it was 3 degrees C, so, 500  people or so did warm it up a bit, but I didn’t cook -didn’t really notice though, the music was great.  I did google the songs before heading out, with my hearing disability I can  make up amazing lyrics, even when I think I know the words….and they had a brass section…loved it….voice power was great…most of the audience was the right era for the band, and there was some funky dancin’ goin’ on down on the dance floor.  Thanks for taking the pics with my phone Jeremy!

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